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Past show archive
The Kingdogs Doth Return To StimpysStimpysKent, WA04/05/149:00pmMap
The Kingdogs Doth Return To FinaghtysFinaghty'sSnoqualmie, WA03/15/149:00pmMap
Kingdogs Rock The All Star Sports BarAll Star Sports BarDes Moines, Washington06/15/139:00pmMap
Kingdogs Rock The All Star Sports BarAll Star Sports BarDes Moines, Washington05/11/139:00pmMap
Kingdogs at Rock Bottom BellevueRockbottom BellevueBellevue, Washington03/09/139:00pmMap
Kingdogs Doth Rocketh The AllStar Sports BarAll Star Sports BarDes Moines, Washington11/30/129:00pmMap
Kingdogs Rock MardinisMardinisSnohomish, Washington11/17/129:00pmMap
Kingdogs Rock The J&MThe J&M CafeSeattle, Washington10/26/128:00pmMap
Kingdogs Rock MardinisMardinisSnohomish, Washington09/22/129:00pmMap
Kingdogs Rock The J&MThe J&M CafeSeattle, Washington09/21/128:00pmMap
Jessica's Private PartyJessica's Private Party08/25/126:00pmMap
Kingdogs Rock Iron Horse CasinoIron Horse CasinoAuburn, Washington07/21/124:00pmMap
Kingdogs Rock MardinisMardinisSnohomish, Washington06/16/129:00pmMap
Rocking The AllStar!All Star Sports BarDes Moines, Washington04/07/129:00pmMap
Kingdogs @ MardinisMardinisSnohomish, Washington04/06/129:00pmMap
Kingdogs @ BendersBendersRenton, Washington03/24/129:00pmMap
Bogarts with the NW Rivals!Bogarts Seattle , Washington03/23/129:00pmMap
Private PartyLori & Lee's (Private Party)03/17/126:00pmMap
Kingdogs New Years BogartsBogarts Seattle , Washington12/31/119:00pmMap
Kingdogs Play The J&MThe J&M CafeSeattle, Washington11/19/119:00pmMap
Kingdogs at Bogart'sBogarts Seattle , Washington10/29/119:00pmMap
Kingdogs at Rock Bottom BreweryRockbottom BellevueBellevue, Washington10/22/119:00pmMap
Kingdogs at All Star Sports BarAll Star Sports BarDes Moines, Washington10/08/119:00pmMap
Kingdogs Rock HD Hotspurs!HD HotspursKent, Washington09/10/119:00pmMap
Kingdogs at Denny's Pet World Anniversary PartyDenny's Pet WorldKirkland, Washington08/13/1112:00pmMap
Kingdogs at the J&M CafeThe J&M CafeSeattle, Washington08/12/119:00pmMap
Kingdogs at RedhookRedhook Brewery-- Forecaster's PubWoodinville, WA07/23/119:00pmMap
Kingdogs Rock FinaghtysFinaghty'sSnoqualmie, WA05/07/119:00pmMap
Kingdogs Rock RedhookRedhook Brewery-- Forecaster's PubWoodinville, WA05/06/119:00pmMap
The Kingdogs @ Eagertones Reunion at Club MotorClub MotorSeattle , Washington04/16/117:00pmMap
Kingdogs @ Rock the Dock Kids' Cancer BenefitRock the Dock Kids' Cancer BenefitTacoma, Washington04/02/1110:00pmMap
Kingdogs Rock Tim's BirthdayFeedback LoungeSeattle , Washington04/01/118:30pmMap
Kingdogs @ Performance GrillPerformance GrillAuburn, WA03/11/119:00pmMap
Kingdogs @ Key Arena - Lenny Wilkens FoundationKey ArenaSeattle, WA02/22/117:00pmMap
Kingdogs @ Redhook Brewery - Forecasters PubRedhook Brewery-- Forecaster's PubWoodinville, WA01/28/119:00pmMap
Kingdogs rock FinaghtysFinaghty'sSnoqualmie, WA12/03/109:00pmMap
Kingdogs rock Rock BottomRockbottom BellevueBellevue, Washington11/20/109:00pmMap
The Kingdogs Play RedhookRedhook Brewery-- Forecaster's PubWoodinville, WA10/16/109:00pmMap
The Kingdogs Play Finaghty'sFinaghty'sSnoqualmie, WA10/01/109:00pmMap
Kingdogs play The Mix with the MontegosThe MixSeattle, WA09/16/109:00pmMap
The Kingdogs Play The Snoqualmie Railroad Days Street Dance Snoqualmie Railroad Days Street DanceSnoqualmie, WA08/21/108:30pmMap
The Kingdogs Play Finaghty'sFinaghty'sSnoqualmie, WA08/13/109:00pmMap
The Kingdogs Play Rock BottomRockbottom BellevueBellevue, Washington07/10/109:30pmMap
The Kingdogs Play RedhookRedhook Brewery-- Forecaster's PubWoodinville, WA06/18/109:00pmMap
The Kingdogs Play Finaghty'sFinaghty'sSnoqualmie, WA06/11/109:00pmMap
The Kingdogs with The MontegosGonzo's Bar & Grill Kent, WA 05/15/109:00pmMap
Kingdogs Rocking FinaghtysFinaghty'sSnoqualmie, WA04/02/109:00pmMap
Kingdogs Play Key Arena - Lenny Wilkens FoundationKey ArenaSeattle, WA03/02/107:00pmMap
Kingdogs Rock The BottomRockbottom BellevueBellevue, Washington02/20/109:30pmMap
Finapalooza!Finaghty'sSnoqualmie, WA02/05/108:00pmMap
Finapalooza!Finaghty'sSnoqualmie, WA02/05/108:00pmMap